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>> State - Delhi
Sector Other Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi - India Ref.No 22577901
Closing Date 05 - May - 2017  |  10 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale Of Medical Equipment & Misc :- Mallet, Filter Pump Brass, Cork Screw With Tin Opener, Cork Borer Set Of Six German Type, Bone Cutter, Mouth Gags, Scissors, Knife Amputation, Forceps Artery, Straight, Lenis Tissue Forceps, Water Bath Capsule, Tongs For Beaker & Flask, Asbestos Gauze Wire, Lamp Spirit, Heating Mantle, Magnetic Stirrer, Heating Element, Flash Shaker Toshniwal, Towel Clips, Scalpel, Diamond Pencil, Syringe T.B Metal, Spatula, Sponge Holder, Bone Decalcifier, Automated Tissue Processor, Rotary Microtome, Hot Plate, Hot Air Oven, Centrifuge Machine, Balance Single Pan, Balance Scale Counter With Weight Box, Tissue Floatation Bath, Water Bath (toshniwal) Diff. Holes(6,9,12), Water Bath Electric, Water Bath Capsule, Micro Bin Ocular Poland, Microscope Dissecting, Microscope, Riechert, Research (photography), Indian Make Microscope Calcutta, Blow Lamp, Burette Stand Iron With Clamps, Burner Bunsen, Bottle Aspirator (assorted), Dissecting Set For Experimental Surgery, Mortar & Pestle, Timer, Pyrometer, Mohr Punch Cork Superior, Magnetic Stirrer, Power Supply Unit- Desalting Apparatus, Desalting Appratus, Forceps Artery Mosquito, Forceps Artery, Stop Clock (smith) English, Forceps (assorted), Hand Saw Adjustable, Dish Metal P.L.T, Dressing Drum Big S.S, Muffle Furnace, Paper Chromate Graph Cabinet 24/12/24 Size, Pipette Stand Revolving Teak, Plastic Carboy, (indian )5 Ltr, Tissue Capsule, Tripod Stand, Tripod Stand Rectangular, Thermometer For Incubator, Vacuum Pump Mpt, Water Bath Electric 18x17x17, Six Rack, Water Bath, Water Still Cap 7.5 Lt Toshniwal, Glass Cutter, Hair Dryer Cold & Hot Air, Heating Elements For Water Distillation Apparatus, Hot Plate Adico Type Hplt Slide Drying, Liquid Nitrogen Container, Scissors, Scissor Sharp, Spatula Large, Basin Stand With Two Basin, Asbestos Mill Board, Funnel Stand Teak Wood, Autoclave*, Laminar Flow*, Co2 Incubator*, Thump Forceps, Artery Forceps, B.P Hamdle, Battery Kit, Boattery Houseip, Bio Tramsfit Screw Driver ( Ar-1973) B.D, Cigar Handle, Cannulaled Tunnel Hook 7mm,8mm, Cannulaled Screw Driver ( Ar-1486, Crucette Hook No. 214616, Grarper, I/ V Stand, Kockers, Masguilo, Needal Destroyer, Needal Holder, Nibbler, Patalla Forceps, Pumch Basket, Probe, Reamer 7,8,9,10, Pentrating Grasper, S.S Drum, Sponge Holder, Scissors (assorted), Suction Machine, Self Retarning, Scorpion, Suritching Stick, Towel Lips, Tooth Non Tooth Forceps, Trochar Sheath, Rt Angle Artery, Expressew, Sulime Retrewer, Scope 30 ( Srryker), Cannulated Screw Driver, Fiber Optic Light Cable, ( Karl Store), S.S Trays, S.S Basin, Impated Abc Over Bed Table, Insturment Medicine Trooly, B.P Apprates, Divics Trooly, Bone Cutter, Mallet, Mornison Retefe, Curealte, Bowl, Digital Therameter, Allis, Suction Tip Metal, Hand Drill, Chittle Forceps, Imported Bed Side Locker, Forceps Needle Holder, Forceps Dissecting, Forceps Bone Cutting Ronger, B. P. Knife Handle No. 3, Metal Spirit Lamp, Mouth Mirror With Handle, Bone File, Elevator Periosteal, Plastic Filling Instruments, Pliers, Pestle & Mortar, Bone Curette (surgical Curette), Forceps Aretery, Elevators Root, Hammer Surgical, Sterilizer Elect., Cheatle Forceps, Drum Sterilizing, Gum Lancet, Scissors (surg) (assorted), B.P.Handle No.-4, B. P. Instrument, Scalars, Bowel S S (dressing), Forceps Dental, Oramatic Dental X-Ray Machine Imparting With, Ccx Timer 70 Kv Scissors, Arm & Mobile Stand, Tray S S Large/Med, Sterilizer Elect (surquelet), Scissors Shop (tailor), Glass Bead Sterilizer, Confident Dental Chair Cum Unit (2&3), Needle Destroyer, Sponge Holder, Bowel Lifting Forceps, Suction Machine, Dressing Trolley, Tissue Plier, Injection Trolley, Lead Apron, Elevator Root, Cheatle Forceps, Needal Destroyer, Drum Sterilizer, Plastic Filling Insturment, Mouth Mirror Handle, Dental Forceps, Scissors, Prob Dental, Delevery Table, B.P Instnument, Cloth Scisser, Chettle Forceps, Lyningo Scop Blade (b), Lyningo Scop Blade (a), Lyningo Scop Bulb, O2 Flow Meter, Tray Cover, Pertable Ot Light, Vaccime Machine, Needle Shoulder, Theremeter Digital, Instriment Trolly, Infan Resusitation Trolly, Cluco Meter, Baby Weing Nachine, I/V Stand, Cardio Tocograph Machine, Cardio Tocograph Machine, Birthing Bed, Usg Machine, Scissors, Metal Drum, Flowmeter, Insfusion Pump, Mizar ( Steel ), B.P.Apparatus, Cryo Cautery, Camera Coupler (for Nopa 3 Chip Camera), Tripolar Power Blade, Scrubbing Machine, Mayo Dissector Scissors., Hysterectomy Force (toothed), Ring Applicators, For Laparoscope, Trocar + Cannula, For Laparoscope, Hysteroscope, Accessories, I)Cable Fiberoptic, Ii) Positive Pressure Pump, Iii)Operating Sheath Bridge, Iv) Diagnostic Sheath, V) Proctio Cup, Vi) Cervical Adoptor, Vii) Cautery Point (flexible), Viii)Endomet, Ix)Hysterscopic Cannula, Laparoscopic Double Puncture Accessories, I)Lap .camera, Ii) Suction Irrigation Cannula, Iii) Electric Cable Cautery, Iv) Scission (black), Artery Forceps, Alley’s Forceps, Babcork, B.P. Handle, Bed P
Sector Other Electrical Products Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi - India Ref.No 22594976
Closing Date 03 - May - 2017  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Super Refractory Castable.
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